Clear Spot Organic Tofu

R & R Tofu began producing tofu in 1985, in the premises of a wholefood bakery. From small beginnings, the company has grown at a slow and consistent pace. We employ 5 full time and 2 part time staff, mainly long service and are dedicated to producing a quality product at a fair price.

Our tofu is hand made using top quality,100% organic soya beans from China which produce the soya milk. Nigari is added to produce curds and whey and the curds are pressed for tofu. Nigari is a mainly Japanese coagulant in which magnesium chloride is the active ingredient. In fact nigari is sea salt minus the sodium content, so is rich in trace elements.

Currently, the company is looking at an increasingly environmentally friendly way to reduce energy. Packaging is kept to a minimum and any improvements in this area are readily adopted.

We only use  environmentally friendly cleaning products  eliminating the use of most chemical cleaning agents.

At R & R Tofu, we  provide a fantastic range of products under our "Clear Spot" label.

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Your Sea Cakes are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Rebecca ,via Internet